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A personell comment to the online magazin / blog


I have started several projects in the last few weeks. This online magazine is one of several projects. Another project I started is basic journalistic training. With the help of this training, I want to produce better content.

For this journalistic training I will publish from here in the online magazine / blog.

In my first research on journalism, I came across a quote from Joseph Pulitzer. This quote is very suitable and also especially for a blog or an online magazine.


"Write short - and they will read it.

Write clearly - and they will understand it.

Write graphically - and they will keep it in mind."

Joseph Pulitzer


To deal with journalism is a matter for me. Especially since I created a blog or an online magazine. This issue is one of them. From my point of view, the area of journalism and especially the area of online journalism also fit into the major topic of this magazine. “Assimilating Networks - The Online Magazine around the Internet”. Dealing with journalism and journalistic texts also fits perfectly with my other work in web design. There, text has to be revised or rewritten again and again. To do this, however, you also have to deal with marketing texts. 




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